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Gif of a ramp being put in the water

Mobi-Mat Now Available

Mobi Mat Jan 2023

Introducing the all-new Mobi-mat® at Callville Bay Marina and Temple Bar Marina

Recently, our team at Lake Mead Mohave Adventures installed a brand-new Mobi-mat® BAM™ launch ramp at Callville Bay Marina and Temple Bar Marina. We are ecstatic that this new platform will serve as an adaptive way for boaters to continue to launch their watercraft at Lake Mead and keep the reservoir accessible!

Hear Chad Taylor, Director of Marketing & Guest Experience, describe what the Mobi-mat is and how it will benefit Lake Mead boaters.

What is a Mobi Mat?

The Mobi-mat® BAM™ is a patented, roll-out polyester beach access mat, designed for creating boat launches and accommodating light and medium vehicle traffic on supporting but unstable grounds such as sand, soil, mud, and gravel on the shoreline of lakes. These mats are recognized by the most demanding expeditionary units in the world as amphibious landing roadways. The Mobi-mat® BAM™ assures vehicle mobility once on shore, whatever the vehicle load. Learn more at their website.

See it in action

A mobi-mat has been installed at both Callville Bay Marina and Temple Bar Marina. Please use these maps for reference:

The mobi-mat is a normal launch ramp process. Just drive up and use it like you would any other launch ramp. However, please note that there will be slightly more traffic than normal due to there being only one lane. Please plan accordingly!
We are working to develop a system in place to run a shuttle between parking and the launch ramp, please stay tuned.
Currently, we are offering use for free.

Still have questions? Give us a call at 855-918-5253. Happy boating!