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10 One-of-Kind Outdoor Summer Vacation Ideas

Summer this year has an air of promise, even more so than those of the past. As we all come out from hibernation and ready ourselves for a little adventure, we’re here to encourage you to escape and relax and get to know the US a little better. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind destinations in 2021, here are 10 summer vacation ideas that are sure to sizzle.

1. Cody, Wyoming

In Cody, you’re on the border of Yellowstone near the Bighorn Basin. This is a town that serves as something of a smorgasbord for the outdoor lover with nearly every kind of activity waiting for you from the moment you step foot inside of the town’s borders. Whitewater paddling, cycling and hiking are all just a proverbial stone’s throw away. Plus, you’ll find all kinds of local events in and around Cody, including rodeos.

2. Boise, Idaho

Those who know Boise know that it’s something of a diamond in the rough. Covered in interesting and varied terrain, including desert trails, rapid rivers, and majestic mountains, it’s more than a hundred miles of raw beauty in practically any direction. The city itself is in a valley about an hour away from the major waterways, making it a central location if you’re interested in tackling several feats of nature in one trip.

3. Willow Beach Harbor, AZ

Located in the Black Canyon Region of the Colorado River, Willow Beach Harbor is more than 200 miles of shoreline to explore. At Lake Mead Mohave Adventures, our marina and campground make it easy to get out and about. Rent a canoe or powerboat to enjoy a day on the water, and use our RV spaces for the night. A gift shop, convenience store, and restaurant all add to a memorable experience.

4. Orlando, FL

A world away from Disneyland, the woods and wetlands of Florida beckon outdoor adventurers to try something new. Take a stroll along one of the preserve areas and marvel at the thousands of acres that spread before you. Or paddle down a creek as you see the swamps from an entirely different perspective. Whatever you decide to do, remember there’s far more to see in Florida than a mouse.

5. Temple Bar Marina, AZ

The Temple Bar Marina is a great way to get off the grid and experience the Arizona side of the nation’s biggest man-made reservoir. Known for its hundreds of coves and beaches, this is a destination along Lake Mead that is worth writing home about.

Should you choose Lake Mead Mojave Adventures to stay, we offer a convenience store, a (real) bar, and an on-site convenience store to make your trip a little more special. Perfect for families or for couples alike, the Temple Bar Marina helps you get up and moving on the lake.

6. Burlington, VT

In Burlington, you can check out Lake Champlain and Green Mountains. Both these picturesque and stunning landmarks in the state are an excellent way to get to know both Vermont and the people who surround it. The wilderness in the Northeast Kingdom is legendary in New England for a reason, and plenty of backpackers and cyclers have come to create their own foothold and mark in an enchanted place. The central location and beauty make it a classic destination for anyone who wants to spend more time outdoors.

7. San Diego, CA

Known for its city life, rugged mountains, and stunning ocean views, San Diego is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a little luxury thrown in with their all-day hikes or boat rides. From whale watching to museum hopping, the possibilities for San Diego are out of this world. If you’ve been living on the rougher side during a longer trip, this could be a chance to give yourself a break and find a little luxury in the middle of your outdoor summer vacation ideas.

8. Cottonwood Cove Resort, NV

Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina is on the Colorado River and close to Laughlin, NV. The lakeside accommodations include campgrounds, boat facilities, and a full-service RV park. The boat rentals give everyone on the trip the chance to immerse themselves in a very different way of life on the water. Equally suitable for couples or for adults, this is the chance for everyone to relax and kick back. Cottonwood Cove has every bit as much charm on the river as it will from the shore.

9. Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga is an enduring location in the US because of its incredible views and beautiful waters. The aptly named Lookout Mountain shows the city in all its colorful glory, all while giving you a sense of peace and well-being. Far from the noise of the name-brand cities of the world, Chattanooga offers everything from paddling to climbing to hiking. Whether you sip or gorge on all that fresh air, remember that your vacation is all about listening to your instincts. Don’t let yourself be drawn into the city if you’re still getting acquainted with Mother Nature.

10. Echo Bay, NV

Echo Bay was made for fisherman and boaters alike, with the seclusion of the park giving everyone the chance to explore their favorite activities. See the Valley of Fire State Park or the remains of St. Thomas. Lake Mead Mohave Adventures offers easy camping in its RV Village, whether you’re staying a day or a month.  The available gas station, laundry facility, and launch ramp can all be a welcome relief when you’re desperately in need of some amenities after being on the road for too long.

Lake Mead Mohave Adventures: For the Love of the Outdoors

The Lake Mead Mohave Adventures staff know what it’s like to feel cooped up, which is why we give people the chance to spread out and stretch in some of the most beautiful parts of the country. Whether you’re taking a cross-country trip for the summer or you’re ready for a three-day weekend, we’re here to help.

Reserving one of our many campgrounds or RV spaces puts you in the driver’s seat in more ways than one. When you’re at our facilities, you have full control along with all the amenities you need to have a great trip. Plus, you design your experience. You decide things on your own time using our products and services as a stepping stone. Whether you choose us for an outdoor adventure or opt for a different destination though, you won’t regret spending more time outdoors this season.