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Hoover Dam at dawn

Must-Visit Attractions Near Hoover Dam  

If you are planning a trip to Hoover Dam, there are plenty of surrounding places that would make an excellent additional stop. Add another excursion to your experience, and enjoy the wondrous waterfronts and desert-scapes. An area full of history and vibrant wildlife, a trip to the Arizona-Nevada area is sure to be unforgettable.

Why visit only one historical landmark when you can see them all? If you are traveling west, start with the Grand Canyon and make your way to the iconic Hoover Dam. Traveling east? Make the Grand Canyon your last stop. From camping to dining to water skiing, there is so much to discover in our neck of the woods!

On the Way From Las Vegas to Hoover Dam?

Keep on coming east and give us a visit. Get lost in the serene and picturesque scenery of your surroundings. Mountains, canyons and beaches have their home in the wild west. Minutes away from Hoover Dam, Lake Mead National Recreation Area is America’s first national recreation area. Whether you plan to take rest stops in the area to rejuvenate on your journey or make it part of the itinerary, you will not be disappointed. With multiple RV villages, marinas and resorts, there is plenty to take in.

Drop By on Your Way From Hoover Dam to the Grand Canyon

No matter the reason for your vacation, there is a lot of value to be added to expanding your getaway. The Grand Canyon is a captivating natural wonder and an excellent backdrop to a family photo. It will be a great addition to the ones you collect on tours of all of the places you go on your next great American adventure. With an abundance of naturally riveting attractions to get swept away by, you will understand the fascination generations of families have had. Regardless of if you stay a night or a month, you will be amazed by the hospitality and the view.

Staying at Lake Mead National Recreation Area places you right next to the assortment of local attractions, such as museums and national monuments. A vacation here is a great chance to experience a getaway, the outdoors and peace — all at the same time. Go fishing on a boat, biking on a trail, swimming in the lake or take a stroll through a national park. There is something that everyone in your group will love. It will be fun for the whole family.

Stop at One of Our RV Villages En Route

If you are taking a road trip with an RV or camper, you can make reservations for the Echo Bay or Lake Mead RV villages to rest up and recuperate. Camp out and see the sunset, gaze at the stars and partake in activities hosted for our valued guests. With no shortage of activities and space, our lodging will be as exciting as all of the other wonders the area has to offer.

Both locations have an abundance of benefits, including their proximity to the many attractions our diverse ecosystem has. Lake Mead National Recreation Area is also happy to provide all the necessary amenities to make your road trip hassle-free. Refuel on food and snacks at our convenience stores or on gas at our gas stations. We also have 24-hour laundry facilities, so there is nothing to worry about except having the time of your life.

Enjoy a Night On the Marina or at a Resort

If you are in love with the feeling of the mist from water on the Hoover Dam bridge, you will love fishing and riding in the water of the reservoir. Located along Lake Mead in Arizona and Nevada, all of our one-of-a-kind resorts give guests the opportunity to camp at full-service campgrounds, have a great time with watercraft and dine in our restaurants. We are also equipped to accommodate RVs and those looking to camp out, so we are happy to host you regardless of how you get here. For those driving standard automobiles and looking for somewhere great to stay, Temple Bar Resort is home to motels and cabins. Or, for those wanting to get off the grid, you can stay on a houseboat at Cottonwood Cove.

At our full-service marinas, you can rent a watercraft or watch the lights glitter in the marina at night. Willow Beach is another excellent option for those who want an amazing time on the water. From paddling kayaks to browsing our lakeside gift shop, there are many memories to be made. Our waterfront locations are optimal relaxation destinations.

Our Environmental Award-Winning Recreation Area Is a Home Away Home

Lake Mead National Recreation Area will astound you with the quiet, stark beauty of the Mojave Desert. Renowned as an all-American dream desert adventure,  our locations will perplex you with their primitive backcountry and busy marinas. Come and see the dams that back up the Colorado River as it flows through one of the hottest, driest regions on earth. Explore the history behind the borders that slip the river and reservoir along state lines. Discover ways of life that once existed as compared to the lives we have become accustomed to. Become amazed by the dramatically exposed geology and surprised by the abundance of specially adapted plants and animals.

Join the families who have been visiting with us for generations. A great piece of nature and history, Lake Mead National Recreation Area is a place you can visit repeatedly and continue to make new discoveries. Visit our website to learn about the complete list of amenities at each of our locations and for instructions on how to make reservations for the villages and resorts. You can also call us at (855)-918-5253 or submit any questions by filling out the quick contact form on our website.

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