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Road through Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada

Desert Attractions | Top Things to Do Near Las Vegas  

When you think of Las Vegas, it’s easy to think about the casinos, shows and gourmet food that surrounds you. However, concentrating on its trappings is an easy way to miss all the beauty of the desert. While it may not seem quite as exciting as betting your last $100 on 7, it can be the kind of slow-burning experience that helps you appreciate this unique part of the country.

At Lake Mead Mohave Adventures, we offer a number of locations for outdoor enthusiasts who want to spend their days one with nature. However, we can be equally appealing to city-lovers who just need a breath of fresh air from time to time. We bring you the top things if you’re looking for desert attractions near Las Vegas.

Lake Mead RV Village

Lake Mead RV Village is located at Boulder Beach Park. Close enough to visit the famous dam or head to the casinos, it’s a popular place for RVers to set up a base where they can go to any number of desert attractions. The RV village is the perfect place to see some incredible sunsets and strike up friendships with fellow travelers. This place is so packed with amenities, it’s not unusual to see folks come to stay for a few days and end up extending their trip. Just 40 minutes from Vegas, all that natural sun- and star-light is a nice contrast from the neon of the strip.

Calico Tanks

Located in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Calico Tanks Trail is a 2.2-mile hike that takes you through red rocks and up stone stairs. You might need your hands to help you climb over the more challenging part of this trail, but your efforts will be rewarded with exceptional scenery along the way. Just 20 minutes from Vegas, it’s a great way to work off that all-you-can-eat breakfast you had after a late night out.

Echo Bay Park

If you’re tired of the crowds everywhere you turn, the northern end of Lake Mead offers the kind of sanctuary that is as refreshing as it is beautiful. Here you can fish, float, and hike until your heart’s content. This park was built for the boaters and RVers who frequent the area and has plenty of room to accommodate you, your family and all the gear you need to have a memorable time. This park is about an hour away from Vegas but you’re unlikely to run into much traffic on your way there.

Hoover Dam

Built in the 1930s, the Hoover Dam controls floods, produces power and provides irrigation water. It’s also a huge tourist attraction, tempting nearly a million people every year to learn more about how it was built and how it helps the people in the area. While you’re certainly in for a world of puns, the tour guides are knowledgeable and make the whole experience something to remember. It’s also pretty fun to witness a remarkable feat of human engineering. Less than an hour from Vegas, it’s a great way to break up your regularly scheduled gambling.

Cottonwood Cove Resort

If you’re ready to give up room service for the weekend, a houseboat at Cottonwood Cove Resort awaits you. Located on the Colorado River near the town of Laughlin, this Lake Mead Mohave Adventures property offers everything from a full-service RV park to watercraft rentals to campgrounds. An excellent destination at any time of the year, you’ll find plenty of ways to fill your days and nights in the desert when you visit. This one is a little further at just over an hour, but it’s worth it if you spend a day or two.

Tule Springs

The Great Ice Age is a fascinating time period for many people, conjuring images of fierce lions and huge mammoths roaming the Earth. These incredible animals may not be around today but they have left their mark behind. At Tule Springs, one of the first parks to tell the story of this era, you can see the fossils that date back millions of years ago. We highly recommend this one for families because it’s an educational experience cloaked in disguise. This trip will take just 20 minutes outside the city center.

Willow Beach Marina & Campground

A restaurant, gift shop and convenience store all await you at this marina, in addition to the selection of powerboats, canoes, and other kinds of watercraft. If you’d like to spend the day zipping along the surface, Lake Mead Mohave Adventures can tell you that this is the place to be. Get a few boating tips from the regulars in this area, try your hand at tubing, or just coast along in a canoe and see if you can’t catch a few fish. Willow Beach Marina is located about an hour from Vegas and might just be your favorite part of the trip.

Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire, located about 45 minutes outside Vegas, is more than a park with a cool-sounding name. This is the oldest park in the state and is characterized by the red of the Aztec sandstone. From petrified trees that date back thousands of years to sandstone cabins from the days of the Civilian Conservation Corps, there’s something new to discover around every corner. If you happen to come to Vegas in late spring, the park is home to a spear-throwing contest in March. Plenty of people pack in to see the contestants try their hand with these unwieldy objects.

Enjoying Your Time in the West

At Lake Mead Mohave Adventures, we know just how much there is to explore in the desert, even if people can be easily swept away in all the (sometimes actual) magic to be found in the casinos. If you want to get a better sense of what Nevada is really like, it might mean having to make a trip away from the spa services of the hotel to a campground stocked with natural wonders that will take your breath away.

While we might not have the same amenities as a 5-star establishment, we have enough luxuries to help our guests feel comfortable while still being motivated to get outside, go for a hike or enjoy the waters that surround them. Whether you stop by one of our locations or not though, desert attractions near Las Vegas can be just what you need to round out your adventure.