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Best Family Weekend Getaways From Las Vegas  

Looking to get away from Las Vegas for the weekend? Whether you are eager to explore a new city with the family that’s two hours from Vegas or less, or you’re looking to plan a romantic getaway for two, there are lots of places to choose from. At Lake Mead Mohave Adventures, we have plenty of recommendations for the perfect weekend trip.

Take a Trip to Boulder Beach Park

For those looking to explore close by and have some family fun, a trip to Boulder Beach is in line. There are a lot of attractions here. You can boost some time at Lake Mead RV Village and then check out the numerous activities available that day.

There’s always swimming to enjoy, with some nice sandy beaches to spend some time on. Many people spend their time out on the boat, whether they are just relaxing with friends or fishing. Sailing can be a lot of fun too, and it’s super easy to rent the boat you need to do it. Boulder Beach is also a good place for some easy trail hiking.

Explore Joshua Tree National Park

Located in Joshua Tree, California, this trip takes about three hours to get to, but it is one of the best experiences possible for those who are looking for a natural wonder. For those who want an adventure, including rock climbing and long trails, this is an excellent choice. To make this a romantic trip, work together to navigate the trails. Then, sit and watch the sunset with a picnic. It’s a stunning experience.

Rent a Houseboat on Lake Mohave

Lake Mohave is a fantastic place to spend a weekend. There’s just enough to do to have some fun in the sun. Keep in mind that renting a houseboat is a very good way to bring your family together. You can book a family trip for everyone (or just those you want to spend time with) and then explore the area. Cottonwood Cove Resort Marina is a good starting point (with not just houseboats but other smaller boats and watercraft rentals, too.) Then, spend some time hiking, fishing, enjoying the open water, and exploring the natural beauty of the Colorado River.

Check Out Flagstaff, Arizona

If you want to find some cool cities to get away from in Las Vegas, book a stay in Flagstaff. It’s a modern city with lots of fun to it. One of the best experiences here is hiking in the dense pine forests, which is much different than what you’ll find at Las Vegas area parks.

There are also experiences here throughout the year, so you can plan weekend getaways from Las Vegas at any time of the year. You can even enjoy some snow in the winter months. You can also check out Route 66 on the route. There are some excellent restaurants and shops throughout the city, too.

Get Out onto the Water at Lake Mead

Sometimes there is nothing better than relaxing on the open water, and that’s what makes Lake Mead so special. There are over 550 miles of shoreline to explore, surrounded by stunning soaring red rock cliffs.

The water is calm, and the beaches are beautiful throughout the year. Callville Bay Resort and Marina provides you with direct access to Lake Mead – and that means lots of boating options, ski boat rentals, and other personal watercraft.

Or, get off the grid completely with a houseboat rental. Make it a family trip or just a trip for the two of you. What you will find is an exciting experience with nothing but fun on the agenda.

Also, if you’re curious, you may want to check out Lake Mead now due to the water levels being historically low. It’s an interesting time to explore the area. To get an idea of what to expect, check out Vanessa Keating’s TikTok. She’s hiking along the Colorado River from Colorado to Mexico to raise awareness of the very low water levels at Lake Mead. It’s an eye-opening view of what’s really happening here.

Have an Adventure in Zion National Park

A trip to Utah may be in order for those who want a fantastic way to explore the natural beauty of the world. Zion National Park is stunning, with its deep caverns and thriving plant life. It feels alive and incredibly relaxing as you are surrounded by the beauty of it all.

For those who enjoy rock climbing, the rock formations here are exceptional. You can also spend some time at The Narrows, a popular landmark. Be sure to check out Taylor Creek Trail, which offers a moderately challenging trek.

Check Out the Wildlife at Willow Bay

At Willow Beach Marina and Campground, you can spend some time walking along the Lake Mead National Recreation Area’s trails and spot the thriving wildlife nearby.

It’s quite interesting to see the natural habitats of the wildlife here. This campground is also a fantastic option for those who want a beach (there are 235 miles of shoreline to explore) as well as those who want to hop in a canoe to explore the region in a calm, relaxing way. You can bring along your RV or choose one of the campground sites to disconnect from the world around you.

Create a Meaningful Weekend in Sedona

Sedona, Arizona, is known for many things, including being a true oasis in the desert. It’s a bit further away than other locations, but there is a lot to see and do here. You can choose to stay at one of the area’s resorts (if you want a spa, indoor pool, and luxurious amenities, this is a great choice). There’s also the Sedona Vortexes to explore, which is a fantastic spot for spiritual revival. Enjoy some golf, shopping, and fantastic meals here as well.

When you want to enjoy a few day trips to have fun near Las Vegas, choose any of these locations. There’s no doubt the region has something special to offer just about anyone, including those looking for relaxation that’s focused heavily on getting outdoors, soaking up the sun, and having a good time with special family and friends.

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