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houseboat rental on lake mead

Best Houseboat Rentals at Lakes Mead and Mohave  

Lake Mead and Lake Mohave offer stunning scenery and a unique way to experience the great outdoors. Houseboat rentals are a popular choice for those looking to explore these bodies of water and escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

With a wide range of options available, from small and intimate to large and luxurious, it can be difficult to choose the perfect houseboat for your adventure. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best houseboat rentals at Lake Mead and Lake Mohave, how they work, and what to know before making a reservation. Let’s get started.

What Is a Houseboat?

A houseboat is exactly what it sounds like… a house on a boat. It contains everything you need for living: bedrooms, living area, bathrooms, kitchen, and of course a beautiful deck for sunning yourself and taking in the views.

In addition to all those amenities, houseboats have motors. That means you can move them from place to place, ensuring a different view each sunrise and sunset. Whether you tie up at a dock or drop anchor in a sheltered cove, you’re ensuring yourself, your friends and your family a memory they’ll never forget.

Houseboat Options and Amenities

Before you choose your houseboat, make sure you’ve taken stock of what you need in a rental so that you can find the right one from the list of potential options. Ask questions such as:

  • How many people are coming on vacation with you?
  • How many of those are children?
  • Does any of your guests require ADA accommodations?
  • Will anyone else spend the night while you’re there?
  • Are you bringing any furry friends on board?
  • How long do you plan to stay?
  • How many people need private sleeping accommodations (versus children or others who can sleep in the main part of the cabin)?
  • How many bathrooms do you need?
  • Will you want a wet bar?
  • Will you want a hot tub?

Once you answer these questions, you’ll have a much better idea of what you’re looking for. Then you can peruse the list of available options with a lot more certainty.

Cottonwood Cove and Callville Bay are excellent options when it comes to finding the perfect houseboat rental on Lakes Mead and Mohave. These are both located near tons of bays, coves and secret inlets. It’s the perfect place to spend a couple of days under the sun – or even a week!

So, how do you get your rental started? Let’s take a look.

How to Rent a Houseboat

The first step to renting a houseboat is obviously finding available houseboats to rent! That’s where Lake Mead Mohave Adventures can help, with two amazing destinations: Cottonwood Cove and Callville Bay. Here are the houseboat options:

  • 50′ SIRIUS HOUSEBOAT: Sleeps 6
  • 50′ ALPHA XT HOUSEBOAT: Sleeps 6
  • 56′ GETAWAY HOUSEBOAT: Sleeps 9
  • 59′ DELUXE HOUSEBOAT: Sleeps 10
  • 60′ EAGLE HOUSEBOAT: Sleeps 10
  • 70’ SILVER HOUSEBOAT: Sleeps 12

Depending on the number of people you’re bringing with you as well as the amenities you’re seeking, one of the above should cover all your wants and needs.

So the question becomes, how do you actually rent a houseboat? Due to spring and summer being peak season, you’ll want to book your reservation sooner rather than later so your top choice isn’t already rented out. Visit Callville’s or Cottonwood’s website to book now or request availability if you have any concerns.

FAQs: What to Know Before Making a Reservation

While renting a houseboat is easy, and most people find that operating one comes pretty naturally, you probably have a few questions before heading out, so here’s a quick look at some of the most common houseboat FAQs.

Q: Do you have to know how to operate a boat beforehand?

A: No. When you rent the houseboat, an experienced Houseboat Instructor will take you through everything you need to know about driving the boat, using the water management systems, and running equipment such as the hot tub or water slide, if your boat is equipped with such features.

Q: What kind of food can you bring?

A: Each houseboat comes with a refrigerator and there’s plenty of room to store freezer chests for your pre-cooked meals. We recommend packing plenty of water, food and snacks to keep everyone hydrated and content for the duration of your stay. Keep in mind you will need to pack out every single thing you pack in, including trash and recycling, so be mindful when choosing your packaging.

Q: Are houseboats safe?

A: Absolutely. A good houseboat will have a variety of safety systems, from fire extinguishers to bilge pumps, gas fume detectors to radios and first aid kits. Your Houseboat Instructor will go over all of this with you to ensure your safety during your stay.

Q: Where can I get ice, groceries or restaurant food?

A: Lake Mead Mohave Adventures offers a variety of on-shore amenities at different locations. Enjoy checking them out as you motor around! Feel free to give the marina a call ahead of time with any questions, too.

Q: What other gear should I bring?

A: There’s tons of shoreline to explore along Lake Mead and Lake Mohave, with beaches and hiking trails and more. Make sure to bring water, layered clothing, appropriate footwear, sunscreen, hats and cameras.

Get in Touch with Lake Mead Mohave Adventures Today

Are you ready to start planning your houseboat destination vacation? Feel free to give us a call at 855-918-5253 for houseboat rentals. Our friendly team is happy to answer all your questions and point you in the right direction or make your reservation over the phone.

Not sure you’re going the houseboat route? You can also call us at 702-565-4813 for small craft rentals or, to rent a slip for your own boat, please contact 702-565-8958. We are always happy to hear from people who want to enjoy the beauty of Nevada and Arizona, so please feel free to get in touch at any time.