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Top 10 Valentine’s Day Getaway Ideas for Nature Lovers  

Getting back to nature is the perfect option for your next Valentine’s Day getaway. There are plenty of plans and activities that will provide you and your partner with much-needed rejuvenation. Lake Mead Mohave Adventures offers a picturesque backdrop for creating a great Valentine’s Day memory.

Built around Lake Mohave and Lake Mead, our recreational areas are home to an abundance of ecological wonders. Here are some ideas of great getaways out in nature this Valentine’s Day.

A Romantic Hike With Your Sweetheart

We have all seen movies where love interests share a special moment as they sit and watch the sunrise or sunset. You can create a similar moment accompanied by the sight of the canyons, mountains and bodies of water.

Take a hike with your love, and enjoy the journey and the conversations you have along the way. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a casual stroll or a challenging trail. The important part is spending quality time with the person you love.

Embark on Exploration of Local Wildlife

Whether you decide to take a hike in a scenic location or are investigating all that the Lake Mead Mohave Adventures locations have to offer, you are sure to come across some interesting creatures.

Make an activity out of the wildlife you encounter by documenting the sighting and doing some research. It will be quality bonding time and a way to learn something new. If you are a competitive duo, you can up the ante by competing to see who can correctly identify the most animals. You can be as general or specific as you want, just be sure to have fun.

Enjoy a Quality Experience for an Inexpensive Price

Lake Mead Mohave Adventures has many great dining locations throughout our recreational locations in Nevada and Arizona. However, it does not matter if you grab a meal at the restaurant and bar at Temple Bar Resort or have a picnic on the campground at Willow Beach, you can plan a lovely date.

You will look back fondly on the laughs, stories, and creation of new topics you will share. Or visit one of our convenience stores for snacks for a show or movie. What you eat will not matter nearly as much as the memories you make, but there are plenty of opportunities to make food a part of it.

Relax and Reminisce in the Fresh Desert Air

If you love nature but would rather relax than go out, you can without sacrificing the open air. You can have an existential discussion on the future, talk about your wildest dreams, or just appreciate each other’s company as you gaze at the terrain around you.

Spontaneous or planned, the conversation has the potential to go anywhere, and you could learn interesting facts about each other you never thought to ask. There is always more to learn about one another, whether the relationship is old or new. Lake Mead and Lake Mohave offer opportune settings to inspire a thought-provoking conversation. You can allow yourself to be inspired by new experiences from your trip, or reflect on other relatable adventures you’ve had.

Have You Ever Rented a Houseboat?

Sometimes it can be a good idea to get off the grid and try something new. Have you ever rented a houseboat? If not, how about trying out a different living arrangement for the duration of your Valentine’s Day getaway?

At Cottonwood Cove, you can set out on the water and enjoy simplicity and bliss. You can completely escape the routine of daily life by changing as much as the material your dwelling rests on. To further set the scene, you can bring battery-powered lanterns for a little more mood lighting under the stars.

Watercraft Rentals for Thrill-Seeking Couples

Throughout Lake Mead Mohave Adventures, there are a variety of watercrafts available to guests. From jet skis to kayaks, there are plenty of ways to make a splash on your trip. You can have an amazing time while maintaining an inexpensive itinerary.  You can make a day of watercraft activities, or make an entire vacation out of experiencing them all.

Bask in the Beauty of the Scenery With Your Beloved

Internalizing the magnificence of the nature around you in real-time is great, but wouldn’t it be amazing to have a visual representation of your time there? You can plan an activity together that you won’t soon forget because you have captured that moment in time forever.

You can take pictures of breathtaking landscapes, or choose to draw or paint a scene that catches your eye. Alternative ideas include having a small photoshoot together or competitively drawing portraits of one another.

Get To Know Each Other on a Camping Trip

A camping trip is a great chance for people to get closer. Whether you searched “campsites near me” to get here, or came from all the way across the country, Lake Mead Mohave Adventures is a great location for camping. Feel free to completely rough it or choose a more glamorous setup. We have plenty to do for every kind of camper. Our campgrounds are a great place to set up camps and have a safe and pleasurable experience.

Rent an RV and Plan the Road Trip of a Lifetime

At Lake Mead Mohave Adventures, we have RV parks to stop over and rest up. If you pass by on the way to a place near us, you are always welcome to stop by. For example if you are on a road trip and are heading east, through Las Vegas, stay the night at our facilities until you get ready to hit the road again. Look around before you leave. You are likely to find something you will love. You can always come back.

Discover Something New Together

Have you visited us before? Or will your Valentine’s Day trip be the first? With so many options available you can make Lake Mead Mohave Adventures a time-honored tradition. Maybe you already have the routine if you’re a seasoned visitor at our locations.

Why not change things up this year by doing something you have never done before? You can stay somewhere different than you normally do, eat something entirely new. There are myriad ways to change the pace.

You may discover new aspects of your partner’s personality as you step out of your comfort zone and shake things up a bit.

Make Lake Mead Mohave Adventures Your Next Valentines Getaway

Visit our website to learn more about the adventures that await you at all of our locations. Swim, fish or discover the memories you haven’t made with us yet.